Japhlin started trading in June 1990

Japhlin was established on the 6th June 1990. A family business brought into being to build on years of past experience in the electronics and early computer industry going back to 1970. Japhlin is now into its 20th year. When we started Dos 3.0 was the order of the day and 1MB of computer system RAM was considered massive! Now Microsoft Windows 7  is released and 1GB of computer system RAM is not considered enough!

What makes us different:

Japhlin has built its success on three words sadly missing in a lot of business's today:


Our work comes mostly through customer recommendations, through the Yellow Pages directory or web based online advertising

Japhlin has always thought long term and is not in business for a fast profit. Our priority is to provide a first class service to our customers. providing solutions where other computer companies have failed


Turning problems into solutions

Our first contact with a new customer will often be a phone call for assistance with a  computer related problem.
Following a satisfactory solution this first contact is often followed by requests for more of our services.